Stadshavens Rotterdam; the Innovation District.

Stadshavens Rotterdam presents the Rotterdam Innovation District. Innovation Districts are areas in which progressive institutions and businesses are clustered and align themselves with start-ups, business incubators and accelerators. The Innovation District of Stadshavens Rotterdam has it all.

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Position paper Rotterdam Innovation District

Innovation Districts across the globe can be recognised by the fact that they are where progressive institutions and businesses are clustered and align themselves with start-ups and business incubators and accelerators. The study conducted by Deloitte provides hard evidence that Merwe-Vierhavens and RDM Rotterdam tick all the boxes for characteristics of an innovation district.

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Get involved in M4H

Summary development strategy Merwe-Vierhavens.

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Stadshavens Rotterdam full steam ahead

Handy leaflet with a concise description of the program.

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Structure vision Stadshavens Rotterdam
On 29 September 2011, the Rotterdam municipal council unanimously adopted the long-term course for the development of Stadshavens Rotterdam. The structure vision for Stadshavens Rotterdam is compiled by the Municipality of Rotterdam and Port of Rotterdam Authority N.V. The area covered by the plan consists of the subareas Merwehaven/Vierhavens, Rijnhaven/Maashaven, Waalhaven/Eemhaven and RDM/Heijplaat. The structure vision is a type of plan used in the new Dutch Spatial Planning Act. Such a structure vision describes the spatial developments intended for the coming decades. The structure vision is the framework for future zoning plans

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Work in progress
Over the past years, much has been invested in collaboration, planning and gaining commitment. An increasing number of market parties and knowledge institutes recognize the area’s potential and are willing to actually invest as a partner. Stadhavens Rotterdam’s new leaflet shows which initial implementation projects become visible. We have started!

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Creating on the Egde
The document ‘1600 hectares Creating on the Edge’ contains the course of development for the Stadshavens area. It is based on five strategies. Re-inventing Delta technology (Stadshavens as laboratory for energy transition, climate adaptation and mitigation), Volume & Value (quantity and quality in the port, with a shift of emphasis from core port activities to first-rate knowledge intensive activities), Crossing Borders (physical and socio-economic connections between water basins and the surrounding residential areas), Floating Communities (living, working and leisure on floating objects) and Sustainable Mobility (fast and sustainable transport in the Stadhavens area, including public transport on the water).

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Implementation strategy 2007-2015

This course is the basis for the Implementation Strategy containing strategies for mobility, sustainability, investment and best practices. In turn, the Implementation Strategy is the basis for four area plans (for the various Stadshavens areas). The Implementation Program 2007-2015 contains 14 detailed business cases within these four areas. For instance, 35 hectares of business park will be completed. Furthermore, 375,000 m2 gross floor area will be completed for offices and businesses, retail and catering, leisure, education and other facilities. About 3500 extra employees will find work in the area and the erection of more than 2000 houses will add 4000 new residents. The planned leisure facilities will attract between 100,000 and 150,000 visitors each year. 250,000 m2 outdoor area will be redeveloped.

The execution of the business cases requires a public investment of 710 million Euros, of which 340 million is already secured. In the context of the Spatial Policy, the Government is asked to contribute 101.7 million Euros.

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