Rainmaker Holland establishes production in the former E.On power station

17 February 2016 – Rainmaker Holland BV develops wind turbines that use the condensation process to turn hot air or dirty water into drinking water. With two successful prototypes in Leeuwarden and Kuwait, the production line in the Rotterdam Innovation District has to manufacture the turbines on a large scale and must supply them worldwide. The former E.On power station in Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) – better known as SuGu – is being prepared as the production location. The arrival of Rainmaker Holland has brought a breath of fresh air to the former power station!

Air-to-water and Water-to-Water
Rainmaker Holland has developed two special wind turbines. The Air-to-Water (AW) wind turbine uses the condensation process to extract water from hot air. This water is pure and suitable for consumption. The Water-to-Water (WW) wind turbine turns dirty or silty water into clean drinking water. In both cases, the required machinery is driven by wind energy using a technique that was developed by Rainmaker Holland.

Investments in the production hall were co-funded by SOFIE
SOFIE was set up in the summer of 2013 in order to stimulate Stadshavens Rotterdam. SOFIE stands for the ‘Stadshavens Ontwikkelingsfonds voor Innovatie en Economie’ (Urban Ports Development Fund for Innovation and Economy). SOFIE serves to enhance the urban port area’s appeal by (co)financing promising projects.

Sustainability and innovation are important principles in this context.

Fund manager Nico van Est: ‘Rainmaker Holland combines innovative technology with sustainable energy in order to produce clean drinking water at locations where this is not always available. The loan will be paid back and then made available to new projects. We are thus striving towards an increase in employment opportunities and the sustainable development of Stadshavens Rotterdam.’

Financial assistance from SOFIE has helped fund the costs for setting up the production hall. The financing will be used for investments in items such as machinery, hardware and a unit for quality control and ongoing development. SOFIE will be managed by the ‘Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting Nederlandse gemeenten’ (Stimulation Fund Public Housing for Dutch Municipalities, SVn).

Rotterdam Innovation District
Stadshavens Rotterdam is the location at which the so-called Next Economy (sustainable, circular economy, digitisation, smart manufacturing) for port and city will take place. The old urban ports are unique. The combination of innovation space and continental connections cannot be found anywhere else. Together RDM Rotterdam and Merwe-Vierhavens have created the Rotterdam Innovation District. Rotterdam is proud to welcome Rainmaker Holland to the largest innovation workplace in Europe.