special side visits announced AIVP World Conference

21 July 2016 – During the AIVP World Conference (5, 6 and 7 October) several topics will be discussed, all linked to the main theme ‘Crossovers’. Visitors can choose to follow the topic they find most interesting. The second morning of the conference, special side visits for the different topics will take place. During these visits the topics will be discussed. Which one do you find interesting?  

  • Topic ‘Circular Economy’

Excursion to Pilot Plant One Rotterdam. The business of Plant One Rotterdam is located in the middle of the port area Botlek, one of worlds’ most integrated chemical clusters of industries. Plant One consists of a constructing and operating location where companies and knowledge institutes are doing research and experiment with new chemical processes based on circular technologies. The facility provides testing on a commercial scale.

The tour will be guided by director Gabriel Tschin.

  • Topic ‘Smart and Green Technologies’

Excursion through the area of RDM Rotterdam, with special focus on the Innovation Dock. The massive portside hangar once housed the Rotterdam Dry Dock Company. A coalition of the Rotterdam Port Aurthority and universities converted the former machine hall into a warren of labs, meeting rooms, and workshops. The purpose of RDM today is to foster collaboration between researchers, students and companies in order to accelerate on innovation, within a unique experimental setting.

The tour will be guided by director Jouke Goslinga.

  • Topic ‘Innovative Business Climate’

Excursion to Innovation Dock RDM Rotterdam. (See at 2; other time table.)


  • Topic ‘New Planning Strategies’

Excursion to the Port City area Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H). The Municipality and Port Authority jointly aim to transform this area, which is part of the Stadshavens Rotterdam program. It has still some port functions, but the main focus is to attract new innovative industries and businesses in the field of high tech manufacturing, that both foster port and cities’ economy. The transformation is taking place gradually, by seizing opportunities together with entrepreneurs and moving along with the market.

Guided tour by Walter de Vries and Gert Joost Peek.

  • Topic ‘Climate change and adaptation’

Excursion to Keringhuis and the impressive Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier (see image). The Keringhuis is the Public Water Management Information Centre about flood risk management in the Netherlands. The Maeslant storm surge barrier is the last part of the Dutch Delta Works and is the world’s largest moveable barrier. This impressive construction cannot be described in words, only be experienced. See how the stormsurge barrier works and how the Dutch manage to keep their feet dry.


  • Topic ‘Social Innovation’

Excursion to the main building of the Shipping and Transport College (STC) at the former port area Schiehaven Mullerpier, now transformed into an attractive urban waterfront. The STC-Group is a worldwide operating educational and research institution for the shipping, logistics, transport and process industries. The STC-Group offers preparatory vocational education, senior secondary vocational education and higher professional education under the Dutch system. In the private domain it offers accredited master’s-level courses (fulltime and part time), business courses, training and consultancy. The STC-Group has branch offices in South Africa, Oman, Vietnam and the Philippines. The tour will include the shipping simulator model and spectacular views on the waterside of Rotterdam.

Guided tour by director Frits Gronsveld.