The AIVP conference is taking shape with a new website and ‘crossovers’ theme

25 January 2016 – The first steps have been taken in organising the world conference of the Association Internationale Villes et Ports (AIVP). The new website has been launched and the call for contributions has gone out. The conference will take place on 5 to 7 October 2016 in Stadshavens Rotterdam.

Call for contributions
Last week the new AIVP website was launched and the all-encompassing theme of the ‘crossovers’ conference was presented. Within this theme, six different topics have been formulated in order to further explore the crossovers between the city and the port.

The call for contributions was also sent out. Anyone interested in contributing towards one of the six different topics during the conference can send their proposal to the organisation. The selected contributions will be published on the website and disseminated within the AIVP network.

More information on the theme, the various topics and the call for contributions can be found on the website:

Stadshavens Rotterdam, along with experts within Havenbedrijf Rotterdam NV and the Municipality of Rotterdam, are working on creating a varied programme for the conference. Expert and keynote speakers are currently being approached to take part in the programme. Visits to the Maasvlakte II and APM terminal are also planned.

Parallel sessions will also be accommodated at various locations alongside the main location of the Onderzeebootloods.

Association Internationale Villes et Ports
AIVP is organising the ‘15th World Conference Cities and Ports’. This international organisation for (the relationship between) cities and ports focuses on transformations of old ports and the social issues that are shared by many port cities. By sharing expertise and experiences, the cities associated with AIVP have been better equipped over the years to anticipate and capitalise on economic opportunities, environmental issues, social challenges and expenditures related to local development. AIVP comprises representatives from cities and local maritime organisations, national authorities, trade and industry, businesses housed within ports, suppliers of maritime services, architects, planners, universities and research institutions. AIVP organises a small European conference every year and a global conference every two years. The global conference takes place in Europe and in another corner of the globe in alternate years.